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Good dentistry doesn’t just happen. An excellent practice must be built, rather than just allowed to evolve. Realizing this, we’ve taken the time to design a practice based on what we believe is best for our patients, rather than just what’s convenient for us. This intentional planning pertains to every aspect of what our patients experience from the time they walk in the door: from the building’s architecture, to the contagious friendliness of our staff personnel, to our systems and equipment even to the way we help patients think through their dental health objectives.

Our office is specifically set up to provide more space, more comfort, and more high tech systems all with the purpose of improving our efficiency and effectiveness in patient care.

For example, we’ve set up each treatment room with advanced computer systems that make oral health easier to understand, decisions easier to make, and administrative details a cinch to carry out. Our Intra-Oral Camera will show patients every detail of what’s going on inside their mouths, enlarged onto an adjacent monitor for discussion. Meanwhile, our computer will be keeping track of everything going on during the appointment, storing the information in their personal patient record file. If we need to talk about an unfamiliar procedure, or teach someone a new hygiene technique, we’ll be able to present the information right there on the monitor, using our patient education system.

We’ll also have some pretty amazing systems operating behind the scenes.  We’ll be using digital radiography to record the status of our patients’ teeth, reducing radiation exposure by 90% over traditional x-rays. Our water system won’t be connected to the city water, but will consist of self-contained, individual water sources for each treatment room. And our sterilization center will not only meet, but exceed all OSHA and CDC guidelines, automatically taking instruments through an incredibly thorough series of sterilization steps before reaching ‘clean’ status.

If you’d like to know more about our practice, our staff, our services, or our policies, please feel free to contact us personally. You might even want to bookmark this site, so that you can browse through each of these topics in detail. Or, you can do your investigating the old fashioned way, and simply drop by our new facility and meet us in person!