A word about Insurance

A Word about Insurance

Regarding insurance plans, there are three levels of participation. How your insurance might work in this office is determined by the options of your plan:

  • Your plan has a list, but you have the right to see any dentist you want and still be covered,
  • There is no list, and you choose the dentist with full benefits.

If your plan requires you to go to a dentist on a list in order for you to have any benefits, and we are on that list, then your plan information will spell out the specifics. If you tell us what plan you have, we will be able to give you that information. If your plan has a list, but gives you the option of seeing a dentist not on the list, then there will certainly be a benefit for any treatment performed here. The level of benefit will depend on the specifics of the plan. We can provide you with that information if you tell us the name of the plan. If you have a traditional insurance plan where there is no list, then the benefits will be spelled out in your plan documents. We can help you determine what the benefit is for any course of treatment.

Dental offices are approached by insurance plans all the time and asked to sign a contract in order to be placed on the list of “preferred providers”. The terms of these contracts determine whether or not it makes sense for us to sign on. An indication of the quality of the plan is the number of offices on the list. We cannot provide the quality of care that we dedicate ourselves to within the constraints of many insurance plans. We are very selective as to the plans we contract with.

Regardless of your plan or the level of coverage, you can be sure we will do our very best for you. We have only one level of care. If you are not yet a patient, give us a call and we can help you determine the level of insurance benefit you can obtain for treatment we perform. Come in and meet us, and see why many of our patients stay with us even if they might have less out of pocket expense somewhere else.

We provide financing plans for your treatment plans. We offer Care Credit, a company that provide credit for Dental and Medical treatments.